Things to consider and know before the interview recording:

1)  Send me an .mp3 or .wav file of your piece, along with excerpt timings for three excerpts.  They can be indicated by a time frame – 1:32-2:55 for instance.  I’d like to keep it to a maximum of three excerpts from your piece, and also try to keep the excerpts to no longer than around a minute and a half.  If you feel really strongly about a certain excerpt and it’s longer than that, just let me know!  Also, I use the term “1 Track” pretty loosely.  This could refer to a single track, a multi-movement work, or an entire opera.

2)  During the interview, I’ll of course ask you the main question of the show, which is, “If someone wanted to know your music, and you only had one track to play for them, which track would that be?”.  Treat me like you would treat that person that wants to know your music.  By presenting your music to me, you’ll be presenting it to the podcast audience.

3)  Everything will be in real time.  We will listen to the excerpts in real time and be able to discuss them in real time – like a radio show.  Feel free to talk about any aspect of the music – anything that you think the audience should know, or things they should listen for – stories/anecdotes related to the music.  Anything that will help the audience connect with your music.  I will drop in excerpts from the file that you send during post-production, so I can get the best quality.  Don’t think that what you’re hearing when we’re recording is what’s going to be in the final release.

4) Being that it’s a short format podcast, we’ll get right to it when the interview starts.  I will direct people to your web site, and any other site that you wish, but we won’t be spending any time on career/bio stuff.  It’s all about the music.

5) I’ll also need a publicity photo of you that I can use on the 1 Track web site.  I re-size to 500×500 pixels for the site, so just make sure that your image is at least that big (and that your picture will work as a square 🙂 )

6) I usually conduct the interviews over Zoom with video on, however I do not record the video (unless I have your consent).  I will usually email you the Zoom link about 15 minutes prior to the interview.  If you don’t have access to Zoom for some reason, we can use other methods like Skype, Google Hangout, or just an old fashioned phone call.

7) If you have any questions or concerns before the interview, please don’t hesitate to let me know, and thank you for being on the podcast!